Code of Ethics

  • TO continually strive toward the preservation, promotion and marketing of bison and the bison industry.
  • TO advance the bison industry through improving our knowledge and skill, encouraging research and exchanging information and experiences.
  • TO keep ourselves informed on matters affecting the bison industry in our community, the state, the nation and internationally so that we may be able to contribute responsibly to public thinking on such matters.
  • TO pursue our professional activities with honesty and fairness while avoiding and condemning any practice which might bring discredit to our industry.
  • TO respect and help conserve our natural and cultural heritage while striving to improve the environment and the quality of life within it.
  • TO conduct business so as to avoid controversies and deal with conflicting interests in a professional manner with accurate current and factual information so as to educate and inform; and to pay all contractual obligations within a reasonable time period.
  • TO not knowingly make false statements or fail to disclose a material fact requested in connection with marketing, advertising and packaging.
  • TO observe the state and federal laws regulating animal health and the Bylaws of the Association and to give freely of ourselves for the advancement of its objectives.