The Eastern Bison Association is dedicated to addressing the needs of the eastern bison producer through  education, research, and the marketing of bison and bison products. The Eastern  Bison Association, through its code of ethics, promotes the integrity and  honesty of the bison producer to provide outstanding quality bison products for  the consumer. .

Ten members of the National Bison Association  met in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1996 to discuss the idea of creating a  regional bison association that was more accessible to eastern producers.  The result was the formation of the Eastern  Bison Association. Since that beginning, our industry has grown sufficiently  and the need for an organization to provide seminars, farm tours and a regional  show and sale has proved invaluable. The Eastern Bison Association has been and is meeting the challenge, with emphasis on marketing, production, animal  health, public information, research, and as a medium for trading breeding  stock for herd improvement. . While our members come from all over the United States and Canada, all  meetings of members are currently held within the geographic boundaries of the  Association, which is represented as three regions.  

Region 1 is made up of Connecticut,  Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Region 2 is  made up of Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New  Jersey, Ohio,  Virginia and West Virginia.

Region 3 has been created to give representation to members that live in all other states. These are evaluated every  three years to assess the need for change. . In addition to annual conferences, a show and  sale and research activities, the Eastern Bison Association  is involved in numerous promotional and marketing endeavors.