October 2018 Message from the President

 Today in the Eastern Bison Association


Hi All,
It’s finally turned Fall here in Virginia – there was nothing gradual about it. We went from 88 and humid to 50 and dry within a day. I’ll take it – it feels wonderful!


I want to thank The Wilds for putting on a fantastic Fall conference and thank all those that took time out of their busy schedules to come and support the EBA. I think we all learned a lot about their amazing operation and enjoyed a great time and delicious food! If you have never been to The Wilds – I strongly encourage it!


As we enter fall, it’s time to start thinking about the Winter Conference – the board is meeting to start planning for the event. The NBA has volunteered to come put on a workshop dedicated to Farmer’s Markets. I’m excited to see this, as most of us sell at Farmer’s Markets. It always helps to get a little more insight and new ideas.


If you have any suggestions about speakers or discussion ideas for the conference, please let me or your board representative know. We want to hear from you!


Don’t forget, we need buyers and sellers at the auction to make this show a success. Start picking out your animals now!


Enjoy the fall and I hope everyone stays safe.


Mike Morris